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Each consultation is unique and geared towards your needs for your space, always holding your health and biology foremost. Choose a basic EMR Evaluation. Or assess your wider environment depending on your goals below.

What to expect in a consultation onsite

A basic consultation involves measurements of up to four types of EMFs: sleeping and living areas, as well as home offices and study rooms. The main goal is to ensure safe living spaces where you work, sleep, and spend most of your hours in. The process takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the space to be evaluated.

The process includes:

  • A one-hour brief to discuss your needs and concerns before we embark on any plan. This is in person or over a call such as Skype if appropriate.

  • A Body Voltage test onsite showing how much of these fields are ‘coupling’ onto the body. A second person is required for this test.

  • A written report after all assessments that includes key measurements, photos (if applicable), and;

  • Recommendations and resources that make it easy for you to refer back after the assessment.

  • Follow-up at an agreed period before 6 months

  • For interior & design consultations, I will be able to work with your interior designer or architect to ensure the design meets your needs in relation to the health aspect of the home.

Consultation is SGD 100 per hour + Travel/Time Cost if applicable and assessments are typically 3-6h depending on the complexity and size of the building. (*Price revised Jan 2019.)