We’re an indoor generation

The lives we lead have become one that is contained — within houses, offices, cars, malls. Yet within all of these are multiple invisible fields that affect our health and wellbeing in many ways. Example: Indoor air pollution is up to 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. Unlike food labeling laws that require full ingredient disclosure, intellectual property rights give many common building materials a veil of secrecy in many countries. Materials, both building and interior, tend to have chemical toxins that offgas for months, if not years. The environment that our manmade lifestyles create, and depend on, are what I’ve termed the “invisible fields”: electromagnetic fields, and the quality of light, water, and air.

While we tend to focus on diet and exercise in efforts to feel better, happier, or more productive, the space you live and work in has a greater impact on your health than you may think. You cannot get well in the environment you fall sick in.


Better spaces

If we take into account how our biology functions in order for us to live and work, then we can begin to create better spaces that support our wellbeing. Our biology desires a space aligned with natural harmony to be at its most productive and creative.

A supportive space is based on what I’ve termed the “invisible fields”: electromagnetic fields, and the quality of light, water, and air.  


The building biology approach

Building biology aims to create spaces that are biologically compatible and ecologically sound. The health of the occupant is paramount.

I combine building biology principles and conscious lifestyle to help you create a space that is supportive of your innate biology. With home assessments and interior consultations, I help you build a supportive space and create a more natural habitat in a modern context.


Electromagnetic Radiation

EMFs have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing down to our cells. You can expect to feel a difference the first time you experience a living space that is supportive of your innate biology.



We live in an environment made of artificial light that affects our body’s metabolism minute to minute. How we manage the light sources around us is how we empower our circadian rhythms to energise, rest, and revitalise our bodies.



While we tend to think of water as merely H2O, it is a complex essence of minerals and compounds that hydrate our cells at its deepest levels. Where and how we source and manage our water helps us to reach the fullest vitality in life.


Interior & Materials

Choose to surround yourself with what naturally supports your health and well-being. Create the look, feel, comfort and efficiency you intend with a bio-based design and environmental sustainability.