Our biological processes are governed by 'biological clocks' called circadian rhythms. Such circadian rhythms evolved according to the rise and fall of the sun each day.

However, most of us today live in artificial light environments. Both our internal and external environments are light polluted by artificial lighting, screens, computers, tablets and smartphones. When we continue to be exposed to light as night falls, melatonin production is suppressed and our bodies are unable to wind down, rest and enter sleep.

Circadian clocks do more than tell us when to feel sleepy and when to wake up. They are found in all organ systems of our body, such as in the brain, heart, and liver. When they are not in sync in one another, which can occur during shift work, jet lag and simply staying up late, it can contribute to health problems.


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Common office lighting fixtures such as fluorescent lights have long been a source of irritation for workers who find their harsh light unflattering or distracting. Studies show that spending extended periods of time working under fluorescent lights actually put stress on our bodies and lead to health problems including migraine headaches, sleep-pattern disruption, and cancer.

Exposure to artificial light at the wrong times of day is one of the largest often-overlooked health risks of living in the 21st century. The simplest way to protect your body’s internal rhythm is to avoid these 'sun-similar' light at night.